About us

Josh has been working on cars since he was five years old. He grew up alongside his dad learning the mechanics of old cars. In high school he got a job sweeping floors at Norm Francises Street Rods. During that time, he gained more knowledge and experience with building and creating. He mastered his skills with suspension, chases, and sheet metal work. When Norm retired Josh went to work for the Smithsonian building static display WWII aircrafts which are on display at the WWII Museum in New Orleans. After that was completed, he advanced to the Department of Defense in the F18 program building and working on fighter jets. Now Josh is a finding ways to bring hot rods and off-roading together.

His current project is a 1946 GMC truck cab, built on a custom chasse and roll cage, with an LS engine. Sitting on 35" tires and king shocks. When this monster is finished it'll rail through the sand dunes.

1946 GMC